Pelican Coolers VS YETI Reviews

Pelican and YETI are two of the world’s most dependable cooler manufacturers. their items always offer particular features that produce them better than those produced by their competition,

and they’re also very long lasting. Both companies only use high-quality components for the structure of their products, Furthermore, and the resulting coolers maintain your meal fresh for a long time.

Now, nevertheless, you might end up being curious to discover which ones makes the very best .

In the next article,

Without additional ado, let’s observe who occurs top when we evaluate the Pelican coolers VS YETI coolers

Pelican VS YETI Coolers

1. Pelican Elite 30-Quart VS YETI Tundra 35


The Pelican Elite 30-quart cooler is well-known among fishers and hunters as well.

This model is spacious plenty of to carry up to 24 – 30 cans alongside 10 – 20 pounds of ice to maintain them cold for some time.

We had been impressed by the Pelican’s construction. The 3” locking latches possess an awesome design which makes them both protected and durable, And finally, and the lid has a high-quality gasket for an improved insulation.

the cooler uses built-in molded handles offering an extremely comfortable grip.

The cooler’s lid features 4 molded self-draining glass holders and there’s a stainless bottle opener right beneath it.

And as an extra reward, the Pelican has a lifetime warranty.

the maker will replace it.

Another well-known model,

the YETI Tundra 35 includes a storage capability of 20 cans in the event that you follow the manufacturer’s 2:1 ice to articles ratio.

What we liked concerning this model is certainly that it was created to last. The lid closes safely on the cooler by using 2 T-designed latches. and it posseses an insulated lid. The cooler may seem somewhat bulky,

The cooler includes a small dry-storage space basket that will enable you to shop some items from the ice. The handles have got rubber grips that produce them easier to keep.

The basket may also provide you with the possibility to set up your provisions. This model includes two nylon rope aspect handles.


  • Storage space Despite the fact that the YETI is certainly advertised as a 35-quart model and the Pelican is certainly a 30-quart model, You will likely be able to suit up to 30 cans in all of them if you’re ready to provide up on a few of the ice you pack. both coolers will offer you similar storage space capacities.
  • Cooling Capability Both these models will keep your drinks frosty for a long time. Both models can keep your drinks frosty for 10 days,
  • Portability – The YETI cooler includes nylon rope handles, however the molded types are excellent.
  • whereas the Pelican includes built-in molded types. Both types of handles are durable and comfortable,

  • Security – Despite the fact that the patented T-latches of the YETI cooler have become solid,
  • but we liked the push-key model better. Both latches are protected, the Pelican’s latches appear sturdier and stronger.

Bottom line

Both Pelican Elite 30-quart and the YETI Tundra 35 are top-notch coolers which will amaze you making use of their performances, particularly if you aspect in the purchase price difference alongside the performances

the Pelican may be the winner, however in our opinion,

2. Pelican Elite 70 VS YETI Tundra 65


The Pelican Elite 70-quart cooler is a superb model for campers and mariners who are searching for a cooler with the capacity of keeping their meals fresh and their beverages frosty for a long period.

and it’ll maintain ice from melting for 10 days in the event that you pack it based on the manufacturer’s guidelines. This model includes a high-quality rotomolded construction,

Among the items we liked concerning this model is definitely that it’s strong and created to last and that it includes high-quality latches.

The cooler sits on non-scratch rubber ft that may prevent it from active in the rear of your vehicle or on a watercraft.

So far as the cooler’s storage space capacity can be involved,

The YETI Tundra 65 is among the most well-known cooler versions in its category.

This model was specifically designed for individuals who like hanging out outdoors and require a large cooler to shop their provisions.

What impressed us probably the most about the Tundra 65 was the cooler’s performance. This model includes 3-inch solid insulation on each of its wall space and a high-quality lid that may keep the cold air flow from exiting the cooling compartment. the cooler will keep your drinks chilly for 10 times or more, In the event that you pack the Tundra correctly,


based on the ambient temperature.

Because of the Tundra’s durable and robust building, For space for storage, the cooler can simply double as a seat or perhaps a bench of two different people.


  • Storage – Both these coolers offer good storage space capacities. it’s secure to say that both these coolers will keep more than enough provisions to last for many days
  • Nevertheless, It’s difficult to state how many cans they’ll keep because that depends upon just how much ice you pack to keep carefully the cans cool.
    The only real things you should consider when you wish to protect the ice’s lifetime would be to pack more than enough of it also to bleed out the accumulated drinking water occasionally.

  • Drain Plugs – Both Pelican and the YETI include drain plugs,
  • There are informative content articles on the manufacturer’s site on how to repair a leaking drain. Nevertheless, so you shouldn’t get a defective model to begin with. This cooler isn’t exactly cheap, so that you can drain them rather than tipping them over when you yourself have to empty them.


The YETI Tundra 65 may be the clear winner of the bout. the chance of finding a defective Pelican Elite 70 is pretty high, Despite the fact that the specifications of the coolers are relatively comparable,

so it’s easier to avoid it altogether.

3. Pelican Elite 150 VS YETI Tundra 160


The Pelican Elite 150 is an extremely large cooler,

ideal for hunters that are looking to keep their video game refreshing or for boat fishers who wish to keep the seafood they capture from spoiling until they go back home.

With a storage capacity of 150 quarts, The cooler weighs about 80 pounds when it’s empty and it’ll get a great deal heavier when complete. this rotomolded cooler can be massive. the cooler are certain to get so weighty when you fill up it to its optimum capacity, Actually,

you will likely require a forklift to move it without emptying it out beforehand.

So far as the cooler’s effectiveness can be involved, and the latches create a positive click that tells you they are shut.

The YETI Tundra 160 can be a heavy-duty rotomolded cooler that’s with the capacity of holding lots of provisions and of keeping them awesome for a long time, and mariners.

that makes it ideal for hunters, fishers,

Among the issues we liked concerning this model can be that it manages to become lighter than other types of its capacity. And although this model can be lighter than its competition,

it still uses among the thickest insulations available.

The Tundra 160 incorporates all you need from a big ice chest. so that it won’t consider up space without having to be useful. it runs on the high-quality gasket which will keep carefully the ice from melting,

and it’ll double as a seat or a bench without the complains, The cooler is normally solid and durable, It includes dependable handles, and it includes a non-leak drain plug.


  • Storage Capability – Both coolers offer huge storage space capacities.5-quart cooler continues to be quite large. a 146. So it’s smaller sized compared to the Pelican. Or it is possible to store the seafood you caught without the problems. It is possible to fit a big game in both these models,
  • Cooling Capability – Both coolers are impressive, the coolers could keep your food refreshing for 7 – 10 times. and the ambient temperatures,
  • Depending on just how much ice you pack, and they’ll keep your provisions refreshing for a long time. how often you open up the cooler’s lid,

  • Empty Pounds – Both models are large, the YETI weighs 54 pounds, the extra pounds of the Pelican helps it be less portable compared to the YETI. Despite the fact that both models are large, however,


Bottom line

These versions offer similar performances, Similarly, we can’t actually say which of the models is way better, the Pelican can be noticeably heavier. On the various other, the YETI can be more expensive.


Both Pelican and YETI coolers are top-notch models ideal for many scenarios. Let’s have a glance.

But why is them so well-known? What advantages and disadvantages to each one of these brands offer?

1. Pelican Pros

  • Great Latches The Pelican coolers include high-quality latches which are secure and simple to use.
  • Strong Building – Pelican coolers are durable and long lasting.
  • Great Gasket – Each Pelican cooler has a gasket.
  • and they’ll improve the cooler’s overall performance. The gaskets utilized by Pelican have become good, therefore it’s rather essential.

  • Great Handles – Small to medium-sized Pelican coolers make use of built-in molded coolers that produce them comfortable to transport.
  • Large models include extendable handles crafted from plastic that is also comfortable.

  • Lifetime Guarantee Pelican coolers include lifetime warranties, it is possible to simply contact the client support service and have for an upgraded.
  • so you’ll reach make use of them for a long period. If you somehow have the ability to break the cooler,

2. Pelican Cons

  • Faulty Items – It’s not unusual to get a faulty Pelican cooler. The products are not inexpensive you should, some models just like the Pelican Elite 70 tend to be shipped with one or multiple complications you’ll need to fix. Actually,
  • so finding a faulty item is unacceptable.

  • Leaky Drains – Pelican coolers frequently feature leaky drains.
  • or you will need to wait until the producer send you another device. which means you will either need to fix them by yourself, The leaky drains will hinder the coolers’ performance,

3. YETI Pros

  • Incredible Cooling Capability – YETI is world-renowned because of its cooling capability, it seldom succeeds. and also if Pelican comes actually near matching it,
  • That is why YETI coolers tend to be the go-to versions for fishers who would like to keep fish fresh.

  • Lightweight – One of many advantages rotomolded versions have over steel coolers is certainly their lighter excess weight.
  • Dry Storage space Basket – Every YETI rotomolded cooler has a small cable basket for dry storage space. it will still provide you with the possibility to arrange your provisions.
  • As the basket isn’t extremely large, not in huge models just like the YETI Tundra 160,

  • Great Drain Plugs – Because of their high-quality drain plugs, YETI coolers are an easy task to empty and clean.
  • This makes them probably the most well-known marine coolers available on the market.

4. YETI Cons

    but somehow most of YETI’s competitors have the ability to sell their items at a cheaper cost.

  • Handles COULD POSSIBLY BE Better – All of the rotomolded coolers made by YETI include nylon rope handles.
  • particularly when the cooler includes a large capability and it’s heavy. however they are still not so comfortable, The handles make use of rubber grips for improved comfort when you bring them,


As you can observe in the Pelican coolers VS YETI coolers bouts we presented, Pelican versions can take their own with regards to effectiveness and storage space capacity.

plus they may also outperform them occasionally. these versions will match the performances of the YETI versions, A lot of the times,

However, Despite the fact that they provide similar performances, it’s secure to say there are noticeable variations between your two brands.
What these versions earn in portability they occasionally get rid of in quality. but however, they shouldn’t be there at all, Despite the fact that many of these defects are fast and simple to repair, Pelican coolers frequently feature little defects.

particularly if you take into account the coolers’ price.

In the event that you don’t believe a Pelican model is an excellent fit to your requirements,

ensure that you check our other evaluation articles below.

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