ENGEL VS Yeti Coolers

Engel and YETI are famous cooler producers that produce many of the most popular versions in the marketplace today. Not merely do their coolers possess different styles,


Despite their reputation, but their performances and prices are also independent one to the other. there are many differences between your coolers created by these companies.

In the next content, each produced by a different firm.

For every match, we chosen two similar models,

Which will be the champion in the Engel VS YETI coolers match?

Further, in this article, Let the greatest one win

Engel VS YETI Coolers

1. Engel ENG80 VS YETI Tundra 75

We’re likely to start this list by evaluating a few of the largest coolers made by these two producers.

Let’s find which of the models may be the better large capability cooler.


The Engel ENG80 is normally a large capability cooler that comes at an excellent price.

and it could endure to 60 beers in addition to the ice they have to stay frosty for a long period. This model includes a storage capacity of 80 quarts,

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We had been impressed by the cooler’s efficiency. and we wouldn’t end up being amazed if this model could actually maintain a minimal temperature for 10 times straight in the event that you pack more than enough ice.

This model is advertised to be with the capacity of maintaining a winter in the insulated compartment for 10 times. The cooler can certainly keep your drinks cool for 7 days,

Another plus side to this model can be that it includes high-quality hinges. enabling you to rummage during your provisions using both the hands.

Among the issues we appreciated concerning this model can be that it has a no-nonsense style. And it includes molded-in padlock holes that provide you the chance to protected the cooler even more. This cooler includes a sturdy build and it’ll support your weight without complains if you need to utilize it as an improvised seat.


For its cooling capability, we don’t question this declaration. And we predicated on its clients’ affirmations,

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  • Cooling Capability – Both these versions are advertised to be capable to keep your meal fresh as well as your drinks cold for 10 days. etc. both versions can succeed in the event that you pack plenty of ice and maintain them out from the sun. along the cooling period depends upon the ambient temperature, Nevertheless,
  • So far as we are able to tell, how frequently you open up the cooler,

  • Storage Capability – Neither of the models can actually contain the storage capability mentioned in their titles. The ENG80 actually includes a storage capability of 75 quarts, Despite the fact that the Engel cooler includes a superior storage capability,
  • the difference is quite insignificant for huge coolers such as for example these.

  • Security – Right now we arrive to the first proper difference between your two. YETI can be renowned for the standard of their latches. However,
  • Some clients actually had the shock to find a damaged latch after just a few uses.


Because of its excellent latches and protection,

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