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YETI Hopper Two Review

What’s up guys, today we’re checking out the Yeti Hopper Two. We have right here that 20-pound version yet. He also offers a 30 and a 40-pound version. The numbers obviously just corresponded the amount of ice it can hold, but this is the latest and greatest from Yeti. So today we’re going to be talking about what’s new with this over the first-gen model and whether it’s worth the price tag. Let’s get to it.

The hopper 2 is almost exactly the same as the prior unit, so I’m not really sure why yet even came out with the second model. I guess they just need to keep launching new products anyways if you’re not too familiar with the hopper series, here’s a quick synopsis and some of this stuff we’re going to cover in more detail later in the blog. So the hoppers are portable, leak-proof coolers geared towards people that spend a lot of time outdoors. So think fishermen, hikers, golfers, boaters. The list goes on, you get it. And as I said before, the hopper 20 can hold up to 20 pounds of ice, which more importantly means, especially as an SDSU grad, that it can hold 18 Coors lattes, but that is full to the brim there.

The coolers use cold cell installation, which is just a fancy way to say it takes a long, long time for the ice to melt. And our test is still had ice in it nearly 24 hours after spending all day in the sun and around 48 hours when we kept it in the shade all day. The outside of the coolers, what Yeti calls its dry hide show, which is the same material, see on whitewater rafts. So basically what this means is that it’s extra durable, it’s puncture-proof, you can’t beat it up. It’s what Yeti likes to call over-engineered. So that’s the general overview with these coolers. Let’s get into what’s new with the second generation. The first item has to be priced. So the second-gen is actually priced the same as the first-gen, but now it’s come out. The first-gen has been discounted $100 so the first-gen is now $199 the second-gen is $299 and that’s just the base model as the, besides his go up, prices go up.

best coolersSo honestly, I think going with the original hopper is the way to go here. Save yourself the money. I’m going to drop a link down below in the description so you can check it out for yourself. Or as always, go check out our website, the links is right here on the screen. We scour the internet every day and we post about the best YETI Coolers For Sale!

A lot of times we find great deals on Yeti, Arctic Hydroflask, and a bunch of other great sports and outdoor gear. Okay, so besides price, the other big change with the hopper to is the zipper. It’s no longer on top of the cooler. It’s more forward-facing now. So what that means for you, the consumer is that it’s easier to access, it’s easier to load and it opens up a little wider now. But honestly not that much better, easier to work with than the original one.

The other changes to the body type. The second-gen is no longer square or rectangular, it’s more tapered now. And what this means to me is that they’re probably trying to make it slightly more portable so you can fit it, shove it and maneuver it into tighter spaces. And the last big change is that they added an extra handle near the top of the cooler. Eh, it’s just kind of a non-factor for us. It’s already plenty portable and has plenty of ways to carry it. So overall you’d probably get it by now. No major game-changers here with the second-gen model, the new body type and the new zipper, just not big enough factors that really move the needle for me. Like I said before, save the money, go with the original hopper and that’s it for this review. Hope you enjoyed my blog.

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