Best Small Coolers and Ice Chest

Little ice chests or personal coolers provide perfect solution for those who need to pack their very own lunch when they head to function.

But perform these coolers present any additional advantages besides being little? making them ideal for commuters. These models are large plenty of to support your lunch but little enough to transport comfortably,

Little ice chests are flexible, or hitting the seaside, hiking, Whether you’re likely to a sporting event, plus they may be used with great results by anyone who would like to pack enough meals to last for a day time.

these coolers could keep your meal and drinks cool.

While these models is probably not as effective as the bigger units,

Let’s check out a few of the best little ice chests available you can purchase now.

Small Cooler Evaluations

1. Stanley Experience Cooler

We loved that the experience is strong and includes a flat best, The flat-top may also enable you to utilize the cooler as a short-term table when required. so you can sit down on it when you wish to have a break.

So far as the cooler’s effectiveness can be involved, this model will keep your meal and drinks cool for a day,


  • Solid – The Stanley Experience is with the capacity of sustaining your bodyweight,
  • no easy feat for a little cooler.


  • Bad Deal with This cooler’s handle includes a bad style, and the whole lot can suggestion over when you make it,
  • even though you weigh it down.


2. Barebones Living Pathfinder

This model is a superb choice for those who enjoy discovering and who would like to have a trusted alternative to keeping their meals and drinks cold if they go to function.

We really enjoyed how easy it really is to transport this cooler. so that it will help you to make use of both of the hands while having it. This is often a advantage on your own commute so when you’re hanging out in nature, Unlike various other models, this unit includes a comfy shoulder strap,


For the cooler’s insulation chamber, you can store a medium-sized lunch time and some drinks together with the ice and freeze packs which will keep them great.

The insulation compartment could keep your lunch frosty for 24 hours in the event that you store more than enough ice inside it.


  • Appears Great – This cooler appears great,
  • rendering it suitable for individuals who pack their lunch time and consider it to work.


  • Shoulder Strap COULD POSSIBLY BE Better – The shoulder strap’s padding is certainly friable,
  • and it may be improved.


3. Rubbermaid Small Ice Upper body

Taking care of we thoroughly enjoyed concerning this model is certainly that it offers all you would anticipate from an individual cooler.

which means you won’t possess any problems acquiring it to and back again from work. however the cooler itself is definitely small and small, The insulation chamber is definitely large enough to carry a lunch,

So far as the unit’s cooling capacity can be involved, given you pack plenty of ice to maintain them chilly. this model could keep your beverages and food chilly for 12 hours,

The cooler’s lid is smooth, so it’s not really recommended you take a seat on it. provided the unit’s dimensions, Nevertheless,

so that you can make use of it to put a soda bottle or your lunch time along with it. the cooler won’t support your bodyweight,


  • Small – This cooler includes a compact style,
  • rendering it very easy to move.


4. Coleman Personal Cooler

Provided the cooler’s small size, it is possible to pack a chilly lunch and some beverages and consider them to utilize you. When you’re trekking, this model is way better suitable for an urban environment. Because of its compact style,

this model could keep your meal and drinks frosty for 12 hours.
And you’re all set. Because of its small measurements, some ice,


  • BEST FOR Children – Because of its little size, this cooler may be the perfect alternative for children’s field excursions.
  • Pack some sandwiches and something or two beverages and they’ll bring the cooler without the problems.


  • Small – Folks are frequently surprised at how little this cooler is really. Its maximum storing capability is approximately 4 beers,

5. Igloo Playmate Cooler

Despite the fact that this model is little, The lid secures firmly set up by using a side switch, so you can get it with both your remaining and your right hands. The unit’s style and the built-in deal with have an ergonomic style, we actually enjoyed how comfy it is to transport it around.

However, The area of the lid that eventually ends up under the logo design is hard to attain, and you also might battle to clean it correctly. it creates cleaning it more challenging.

So far as this model’s cooling capacity can be involved,


the cooler could keep the meals and drinks you shop in it cold so long as 12 hours if you too store plenty of ice in the insulation compartment.


  • Ergonomic Style – The tent-formed lid opens both left and to the proper sides,


  • Fake Advertisement – This cooler can be shown as having a 6-can storage capability, tops. but it is only going to keep 5 cans,

6. Everest Lunch Handbag

In fact, if the cooler can be empty or full. so that it will also twice as a deal with, The shoulder strap it includes is adaptable, this model gives some advantages on the others. holding this model is comfy, To begin with,

and leading zippered pocket can dual as a dry-storage space compartment.

We liked that model provides you the possibility to transport some non-refrigerated products alongside your food. you may use it to shop small valuables, Despite the fact that the front pocket isn’t very roomy, consuming utensils, and other products. napkins,

This will help you to have all you need for an instant work lunch readily available.

This soft-sided cooler is much less effective compared to the previous versions we presented, nonetheless it will still maintain your meal and drinks cool for 8 hours roughly,

which is a lot more than most people wait around until they provide lunch.


  • Versatile – Getting soft-sided,
  • enabling you to store products which wouldn’t normally otherwise suit a hard-sided cooler.


  • Zipper Could Break – Despite the fact that the cooler can deform relatively to match something, Should you choose, that doesn’t suggest you need to force it to.


The primary asset of little ice chests can be their dimension. Their little size makes them convenient to carry and transportation, Because of the fact these coolers are convenient to carry,

Let’s have a look. But perform these models offer various other benefits besides being little? whether it’s to function or even to a sporting event.

1. Advantages

  • ZERO-MAINTENANCE – Little ice chests possess are low-maintenance units. as the soft-sided ones could be cleaned utilizing a small brush. it is possible to clean it in just a matter of moments. the molded versions can be cleaned utilizing a sponge and drinking water, whether they’re really difficult or soft-sided coolers. They’re easy to clean, For their outside shell,
  • Long lasting – Despite their little and compact design, Actually, little ice chests are actually durable. and prevent sitting in it unless the maker states it’s secure to do so. it’s also advisable to respect their size, Nevertheless, some of them are simply as durable because the metal coolers.
  • AN EASY TASK TO Transport – Little ice chests are actually easy to transportation. but they’re still extremely portable.
  • Sure,

  • Cheap – Unlike the rotomolded coolers that may arrive at exorbitant prices,
  • a number of them might price less than the lunch time you’re planning to shop in them. Actually, little ice chests are often cheap.

  • Great Cooling Capacity – Because of the size and their limited storage space capacity, these units could keep your meal and drinks chilly for a number of hours, However, therefore their cooling capacity can be limited. you won’t have the ability to store lots of ice in little ice chests,
  • a lot more than a lot of people wait around until they consume their lunch.
    it is possible to simply tip these versions and drain the drinking water inside easily.

  • IDEAL FOR Children – These little ice chests supply the perfect option for your children’s field excursions or lunch time boxes. you will be sure the coolers won’t be overweight for your kids to transport. Moreover, so they’ll keep the meals you pack clean and the beverages you add great.
  • And because of their small measurements, They’re well-insulated, they’re little enough to either suit easily in your kid’s backpack or even to become carried by them within their small hands.

  • MAY BE USED TO EXPLAIN Ice – Small ice upper body are ideal in the event that you anticipate making your own obvious ice. There are a great number of video lessons available online to achieve that,

2. Drawbacks

  • NOT A LOT OF Storage Capacity – All of the items we included on our list are actually small. they’ll only match 5 cans plus some ice.
  • Make certain you’re more comfortable with their decreased dimensions prior to making a purchase. A number of them are so small,

  • Limited Cooling Capability – Because these coolers are little,
  • The majority of the versions on our list will keep your meal and drinks chilly for 8 – 12 hours. therefore their cooling capacity can be limited.

How Can Little Ice Chests Be Useful?

Because of their little size and flexibility, Let’s take a glance at some circumstances when working with a small cooler will make a difference. little ice chests are a good idea in a whole lot of different scenarios.

    gong10deng Hunting Or Fishing Outings – You don’t have to carry lots of food when you are on a hunting or a angling trip, These little ice chests will keep enough food for a wholesome lunch without taking on an excessive amount of space in your luggage. particularly if you’re just gone for your day. gong11deng
    gong10deng Everyday Use – Packing your very own lunch could be a good option in order to make sure you avoid fast-food and eat healthful meals. Moreover, gong11deng packing your lunch time may save you profit the long run.
    gong10deng IDEAL FOR Traveling Parents – Vacationing is a superb way to find new and exciting areas, and it’s a great way to invest your hol > Best Little Coolers Evaluation Chart


7.8 X 6.5 X 11.7 X 9.5 x 11.7″

9.2 X 10.7 X 6.3 X 7.4 x 7.


Little ice chests are flexible, so that you can make use of them with great results in multiple circumstances.

They’re just created for different reasons. that doesn’t indicate they’re not effective.

Small coolers were created for personal everyday make use of,

and they’ll keep your meal and beverages at a cool temp until you consume them. Many of them are huge enough to match a medium-sized lunch time and something or two drinks, plus they excel at that.

If you were to think a small ice upper body is not the correct model for you, There are many models to select from, have a look at our other content articles.

and you will definitely look for a cooler to your requirements.

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